Even if you are not a fully registered VUI  student, you can take advantage
of the VUI Online Writing Laboratory (OWL).  The OWL consists of a series
of short videos designed to provide information and instruction to boost
your writing abilities.  Below is a menu of OWL videos.  You should review
them as needed.  Also, don't forget to visit this page often as new videos
will be added regularly.
The Writing Process: Part I
This video introduces common essay types
and discusses the initiation of the writing
The Writing Process Part II
This video introduces the three major parts
of an essay.
The Writing Process Part III
This video reviews the basics about
paragraph development, including a
discussion about unity and coherence.
The Writing Process Part IV
This video presents some general rules for
the use of the comma, semicolon, colon,
parentheses, and dash.
The Writing Process Part V
This video presents commonly misused