Reading is a great way to build your vocabulary, gain diverse insights and perspectives, enhance
writing skills, and simply enjoy learning and being entertained.  However, I know many teens (and a
good many adults for that matter) simply have a hard time getting into reading.  But since reading is
so essential to personal, professional, and education development; it is especially vital that teens
engage in extracurricular reading activities.  
Let’s Read! is a web-based read and discussion
program that attempts to increase teen reading.

To start, we have chosen several relevant books that address important issues and are
entertaining, easy to read, and thought provoking.  The program includes assigned independent
reading of portions of the texts followed by web-based discussion and analysis. Interacting with
others, hearing other perspectives, sharing ideas and revelations, is a great way to get into a book.
Since August 2018, we have read seven books!  

Our eighth book is
On The Come Up written by Angie Thomas; author of The Hate U Give.  This
book explores the thoughts, situations, and aspirations of a 16 year old rapper following her
dream.  Below is a list of titles on our expanding book shelf.  

                            The Hate U Give (Angie Thomas)  
                                   On The Come Up (Angie Thomas)
                                  Dear Martin (Nic Stone)
                                    Buck: A Memoir (M.K. Asante) (completed)
                            Long Way Down (Jason Reynolds) (completed)
Black Enough:  Stories of Being Young and Black In America (Ibi Zoboi...)
                            Children of Blood and Bone (Tomi Adeyemi)
                           The Nickel Boys:  A Novel (Colson Whitehead)
                                 American Street (Ibi Zoboi)
                                   Warmth of Other Suns (Isabel Wilkerson)
                       If Beale Street Could Talk (James Baldwin)

If you want to participate in Let's Read!--and I hope you do, please fill out the short registration
form below, check out from your local library or purchase
On The Come Up and you will hear from
us very soon.  We have scheduled
Thursday, May 28, 2020  for our first discussion session, so as
soon as you get the book, start reading.  On the 28th we would like to start our web-based
discussion of the
first three chapters (43 pages).  You might be further along by then, but that is
where we will start.  

You can share this page with friends you think might enjoy reading along with us!  Don't delay,
submit your registration form right away!
Let's Read!
A Web-Based Read and Discussion Program
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