Welcome to the VUI Learning Center!  

The Center consists of a series of custom YouTube short videos, articles, and activities to
help improve your learning by increasing your awareness about:

  • what learning really is
  • how people learn best,
  • learning classifications  
  • and more.

The Center is continuously growing so visit often and see what's new!
A Menu of Learning Topics

What is Learning?
This short video presents several definitions of learning.  It
emphasizes the importance of active learning.
Levels of Learning Part I
This video introduces the different levels of learning as
first presented by Benjamin Bloom.  Emphasis is placed on
the first three levels.
Levels of Learning Part II
This video continues the introduction of the different levels
of learning as presented by Benjamin Bloom.  Emphasis is
placed on higher order learning.
Introduction to Learning Styles and Preferences
This video introduces the basics of learning styles and
preferences and invites students to complete a
comprehensive learning styles and preferences survey.
Multiple Intelligences
This video introduces the concept of multiple intelligences
as first described by Howard Gardner
More Multiple Intelligences Information
Here is a Multiple Intelligence Article Sent to us by
one of our teacher colleagues--Thanks "Mr. Bill!"
Complete a Multiple Intelligence Survey
This short survey provides some insight as to your
predominant  intelligences.
Writing a Personal Mission Statement
This video introduces how to write a personal mission