Kendall Richards, PhD serves as the Virtual University Initiative
 Director of Student Assistance.  As part of his duties, Dr.
Richards proposes, coordinates, and supervises programs
designed to assist VUI student participation.  Such assistance may
include computer/hardware lending, internet access assistance,
and mentor/advisor assignment.  Dr. Richards is also responsible
for proposing and developing content of the Career Center section
of the VUI web site.  

Dr. Richards has performed extensive research on African American
scholars.  His doctoral dissertation,
A phenomenological study of
African American scholars
, investigates underlying experiences of
certain African American males that help explain how and why they
have overcome formidable obstacles to achieve academic
success.  Formerly Dr. Richards served for nine years as a school
social worker with the Rockville Centre, NY school district.  He
currently serves as the Dean of Students at Harlem Success
Academy, a charter school in New York City.
Anthony Todman, MS serves as the Virtual University Initiative (VUI)
Director of  Information Science.  As part of his duties Mr. Todman
maintains and supervises periodic updates to the Virtual University
Initiative Research Assistant, Learning Center, and Online Writing
Laboratory sections of the official website.  In addition, Mr. Todman
insures that content in these sections is original, audience
appropriate, and meets technical specifications.  He also serves as
the research advisor to VUI participants.

Mr. Todman serves as an Associate Professor/Librarian at St.
John's University in Jamaica, New York.  He holds Master’s degrees
in organizational communication and library science. He has taught
information and social sciences.
James Lewis, JD serves as the Virtual University Initiative (VUI)
General Counsel.  As part of his duties Mr. Lewis engages in a
continuous review of all aspects of the Virtual University Initiative
insuring that legal obligations and protections are met and that the
highest ethical and moral standards are maintained.  Mr. Lewis also
works closely with the Director of Initiative Advancement by
recommending, proposing, and reviewing, all agreements with
outside agencies (school districts, corporations, grantors, etc.)
insuring that VUI integrity is maintained and legal requirements
met.  In this regard the General Counsel also serves as the chief
compliance officer.

Mr. Lewis graduated with honors from Rutgers University.  He
recently obtained his Juris Doctorate from Hofstra University School
of Law. Mr. Lewis' research interest include Family Law, First
Amendment Law, Civil Rights Law, and Mass Media and
Dante Tawfeeq, PhD serves as the Virtual University Initiative (VUI)
Director Initiative Advancement.  As part of his duties Dr. Tawfeeq
seeks external relationships advantageous to the achievement of
the VUI mission.  He seeks to establish relationships with higher
education institutions, secondary school systems,
(non)governmental organization grant agencies, corporations, local
businesses, and other organizations deemed appropriate in
furthering the mission of the VUI.  Dr. Tawfeeq works closely with the
General Counsel in insuring that all external relationships meet
legal requirements and meet high ethical standards.

Dr. Tawfeeq also serves as an associate professor of mathematics
at John Jay College of the City University of New York..  In addition to
his research interests related to mathematics education of
African-American and Latino students, Dr. Tawfeeq is also
investigating how racism and discrimination impact the intellectual
identity of African American students.  Additionally, Dr. Tawfeeq has
been successful in obtaining a significant numbers of grants and
awards supporting mathematics education.
Mr. Malcolm Skinner serves as the Virtual University Initiative (VUI)
Director of Budget and Finance.  As part of his duties Mr. Skinner
proposes, supervises, and maintains the Virtual University Initiative
comprehensive budget.  He works closely with the Director of
Initiative Advancement in determining VUI fiscal needs and
developing solicitation and fundraising strategies.

Mr. Skinner holds Bachelor and Master degrees in accounting.  He
is developing a professional career by providing accounting
services to the Intrepid Air, Sea, Space Museum as well as
Cornerstone Daycare Center in Brooklyn, NY.   .
Steven Skinner, EdD serves as the Director of the Virtual
University Initiative (VUI).  As Director he oversees all
aspects of the VUI and insures that all activities are
consistent with its mission.  Dr. Skinner also serves as
an Associate Professor at Kingsborough Community
College of the City University of New York.  Dr. Skinner’s
research interests include student learning styles and
preferences, diversity in STEM education, and strategies
for narrowing the academic achievement gap.